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What college left in my life...

Tomada de Pinterest

Tomada de Pinterest

Some of the most impactful people in the world were college dropouts, or didn’t go to college at all. Don’t stress; your diploma doesn’t dictate the rest of your life.
— Ariella Sharf

I was a great nerdy student at school, not only smart...but clever. But I think I was born for arts, I got it from my mommy and my nanny Pilar just helped me to develop it with her artsy activities I used to elaborate in my afternoons to just hang it in the wall later.

I grew up loving fashion and art, always drawing clothing and models but all of a sudden I started to like math and science a lot. At 1oth grade I began with this idea of being an engineer, so I entered college at 17 to study Environmental Engineering. I truly thought that was going to be my future but the thing is that I was just starting to discover my real future.

I met my boyfriend there, we have a strong relationship of 5 years and I’m so glad I met him, he used to help me at homework and study but then I started to get bored…I wanted more…

I discovered makeup as a passion, and then the makeup artist career got into my head. I had to tell my parents what was happening with me…that I didn’t want to be an engineer.

It turned out fine and I began to practice makeup and studied a 2 year degree in Fashion Design. I began to be an entrepreneur with Laura Z Studio and entered in 2013 to Business School in Universidad Del Valle (the same college when I wanted to be an engineer).

I’ve learned a lot more about life than subjects in these years of college. My boyfriend is almost going to graduate and I can pretty tell I’ve been with him in this whole process.

I’ve learned about making big decision that maybe some of my classmates hasn’t because they are busy studying for the next day exam.

I’ve learned to not stress out about life, today you have a friend next to you…the next day you don’t know…life is short.

I’ve learned that college is not your life, is going to end someday and you have to know what to do after it, so…don’t lock yourself in books…grades doesn’t mean anything in life.

And a lot more things that I can tell you later in some videos or other posts    :)

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It’s funny because even though I am happy with my current career I really want to move back to the States and work as a Makeup Artist…life is too short and I want to follow my dreams now.